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Summer schools and available courses in psychiatry/neuroscience

School Aim Location
Summer School
The annual EPA Summer School is an intensive programme during which selected young psychiatrists from all around Europe have the unique opportunity to take part in interactive discussions, participate in role plays, workshops and so much more!
in Biological Psychiatry Course
This course is a joint effort between the Pasteur Institute Teaching department and the Bio-Psy Laboratory of Excellence (Labex)* and its partners to promote cutting-edge scientific training in Biological Psychiatry.Exciting advances in Neurosciences and Genomics are transforming research in Psychiatry into a highly dynamic
and fast-moving field. The next 10-year period is likely to be “the decade of psychiatric disorders as research on mental illness is reaching an inflection point where insights from neuroscience and genetics will transform our understanding of psychiatric disorders” (Peter Campbell, Nature Editor).
Paris, France
ECNP Schools The ECNP Schools were established to encourage excellence in clinical neuropsychopharmacology in junior practitioners and to contribute to the continuing improvement of the field’s high standards of practice. Oxford, UK Venice, Italy
Maudsley Forum
The Maudsley Forum is a course for psychiatrists and psychologists covering a wide variety of topics related to both clinical and research practice in psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience. London, UK
Berlin Summerschool The original aim of this course was to develop leadership and professional skills useful in psychiatric care and research in the post-civil war south-eastern European countries. During the years, the application of advanced research techniques like imaging and genetics was added to the teaching of leadership and professional skills. Berlin, Germany
School on
Computational Social and Behavioral Sciences
The SMART School on Computational Social and Behavioral Sciences will contribute to bridge the gap between the areas of social neuroscience, linguistics, psychology and sociology on the one hand, and mathematics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, social networks, autonomous agents and social signal processing on the
other hand. This interdisciplinary framework will be efficient only if regulatory and ethical issues are taken into account at the early steps of the research.
Paris, France
of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS)
The NENS was founded in 2003 and represents over 180 of graduate schools and programmes across approximately 30 European countries that offer Masters, MD, PhD and doctoral degrees in neuroscience. Depending on a school
The Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes was founded in 2004. Its objective is to make a contribution to the improvement and promotion of mental health programmes worldwide. The objective of this courses is to identify future leaders of psychiatry and facilitate their professional development. This is being done through (1) the provision of training in professional skills; (2) the establishment of a worldwide network of young psychiatrists involving, in particular, those in developing countries; and (3) support to projects for work that young psychiatrists undertake together. Different countries
Computational Psychiatry Course This 5-day course is designed to provide students with the necessary toolkit to master challenges in computational psychiatry research. We want this course to be practically useful for students (Master, PhD, Postdoc) who would like to apply modeling techniques to study learning, decision-making or brain physiology in patients with psychiatric disorders. The course will teach not only the theory of computational modeling, but also demonstrate open source software in application to example data sets. Zürich, Switzerland
Publication School
Do you want to get published, and be praised for it?
Do you want your institution to be recognised for its excellent publication record?
Do you want to make a real difference with your research?
Then, this is the course for you!
Oxford, UK

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