Research Working Group

As the Research Working Group (RWG) we work on:

  • collaborating and coordinating academic projects among psychiatry trainees from several countries in Europe and around the world;
  • organizing events for psychiatry trainees on subjects related to scientific research such as lectures and workshops;
  • sharing knowledge and brainstorming among peers with different backgrounds.

You do not have to be a delegate or an observer for your country. Everybody is invited to join the group and take part in its activities!

If you have interest in learning more about the activities of the RWG and join you can always send an e-mail to This web page will be kept posted with the most recent updates on the progress of our studies, projects, and activities. To facilitate the exchange of information among its members, the RWG has a Whatsapp group as well. 

Acceptance of E-mental Health Among Psychiatry Trainees Study

Last year, the RWG decided to focus on e-mental health applications as new technologies have opened a new avenue for modern psychiatric practices to evolve into being more convenient and widely accessible. Electronic mental health (e-mental health) practices are not limited to only tele-psychiatry but it also involves smart phone applications, websites designated to mental health, online assessment or diagnostic tools, therapeutic online gaming programs, robotic simulations, virtual reality systems and much more.

The RWG conducted the first multi-national survey to inspect the acceptance or resistance of using electronic mental health applications and the intention to use them among psychiatry trainees.

Update: the survey was closed in August and data are currently being analyzed.

Lectures and workshops

During the year, some lectures and workshops will be organized. Some meetings will benefit from the contribution of other Working Groups, and vice versa. These events will last between one and two hours.

Everyone is invited to participate, share also with colleagues not directly involved with the EFPT, and make proposals.

Research Working Group Meetings

RWG meetings are held periodically.

A Doodle form is usually shared to help deciding the best date and time for everyone who wants to participate to the meetings. 

Chair and Co-chairs

Daniele Cavaleri

Sara Dodic

Manik Inder Singh