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The Research Group was initiated in 2008 at the EFPT Gothenburg Forum. Since then there have been several multiple international research projects on training-related subjects and even some publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

We meet at least once a year at the EFPT Forum, where we decide the agenda for the year to come. During the year we keep in touch via Skype, Dropbox and e-mails. We usually conduct research by tormenting our home-based trainees during the year and share questionnaires all over Europe. We are bound by the most upstanding ethics.

Being part of the Research working group is an opportunity to learn and achieve a greater knowledge in a multicultural environment. We do this by brainstorming, collaborating, writing proposals, constructing surveys, coordinating projects, analyzing data and sharing our knowledge with our peers.

Since the EFPT Forum in Porto in June 2015 Tove Mogren together with Co-chair Sonila Tomori chairs The Research Working Group.

Former chairs: Ana Giurgiuca (2013-2015), Mariana Pinto Da Costa (2012-2013), Florian Riese (2011-2012), João Gama Marques (2010-2011), Sammeer Jauhar (2008-2010)

Collaborative trainee-led research in Psychiatry in Europe 

Research is one of the most appealing fields for trainees in psychiatry and is an essential competency within curricula. Skills gained through research impact on clinical care and can be developed throughout the training of young psychiatrists. Since mobility is growing at different levels within psychiatry, giving rise to new challenges while requiring the exchange of visions and know-how, international collaborative research becomes crucial and should be promoted since the training.

The objectives of this project initiated in 2013 is share the experience of joint work and collaborative research done through joining professional associations, such as the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) that provide opportunities for participating in research activities and establishing networks with others. Assess the research projects done through time by the EFPT research group with special focus on the most recent ones. Since 2008 the EFPT started a research group with the aim of facilitating trainee-led collaborative studies. Over the years, several international research projects on training-related areas and other topics have been conducted and published in international peer-reviewed journals, providing opportunity for young doctors to be involved in bottom-up policy development, shaping of legislation and improving clinical behavior.

This collaborative research work among trainees over the years has served as a tool to foster capacity building through technical and personal skill development among multinational trainees, by establishing an engaging environment of collaboration, equity and fair competition.