The EFPT psychotherapy working group in partnership with the Beck Institute would like to improve access to psychotherapy training. We would like to offer a free access to 3 online psychotherapy courses developed by the Beck Institute to one trainee in psychiatry (around 580 €):

  • the CBT (Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy) Essentials of CBT course
  • CBT for Depression course
  • CBT for Anxiety course

This course will be available from anywhere and anytime throughout the year 2018.

Anyone can also use a special coupon: EFPT100 to have a $100 off discount access to the Essentials of CBT and CBT for Depression courses. Beware, the coupon is valid only for the first 50 people who use it and will expire on August 30th.

A participation in the 1st EPA (European Psychiatric Association) CBT MOOC (for free !) is encouraged

Psychotherapy wg, Antwerp forum 2016

Download the full call for applications