About P-WG

The Psychotherapy Working Group is one of the permanent working groups of EFPT. We focus on:

  • Promote psychotherapy as a fundamental aspect of the identity of a psychiatrist 
  • Improving training in psychotherapy for psychiatric trainees 
  • Multiple collaborations between European trainees through our projects, promoting an international dialogue on this lifeblood of psychiatric practice

A working knowledge of psychotherapy is an integral part of being a psychiatrist and this must be reflected in training in psychiatry. All trainees should gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be competent in psychotherapy and be able to evaluate suitability for referral to specialist psychotherapists. In order to be competent, a basic knowledge should be gained in all relevant forms of psychotherapy and practical experience should be gained in at least one form of psychotherapy of the trainee’s choice.

Training in psychotherapy must include supervision by qualified therapists. A personal psychotherapeutic experience is seen as a valuable component of training. Relevant training authorities should ensure that time, resources and funding are available to all trainees to meet the above mentioned psychotherapy training needs.

Lisbon 1996, Tampere 1999, Napoli 2001, Sinaia 2002, Paris 2003, Istanbul 2005, Gothenborg 2008, Cambridge 2009 “

EFPT statement on Psychotherapy, introduced and revised throughout the years by our working group . 

If you are a psychiatric trainee and wish to join our working group and contribute in one or several of our projects, contact us ! 


Current projects

  • The Psychotherapy Guidebook

An ever evolving, free online-based guidebook on psychotherapies, written by trainees for trainees. Trainees will find easy to read, willingly non-exhaustive information about different types of psychotherapies as well as the points of view of individual trainees regarding their personnal experiences of the latter. 

Browse through the different chapters on epg.pubpub.org 

We value new contributions or revision suggestions. If you are a psychiatric trainee and wish to contribute to the guidebook, contact us! 


  • Online Psychotherapy Journal Club

A video-conference based journal club on psychotherapy happening every 2 months, on Wednesdays at 8 pm CET.  

Stay tuned to the next edition through the “Events” tab of EFPT’s Facebook page


  • “Tell me…” meeting inspiring psychotherapists initiative 

Is there a better way to undestand psychotherapy than from real stories of experienced psychotherapists ? We believe not. This project intends to make available to psychiatric trainees invaluable testimonials of psychotherapists from all over Europe, about their practice, their choices and general points of view on training. Interviews made by trainees that add the consistency of singular experiences to the theoretical knowledge one can find in a textbook.  

Stay tuned to our next podcast and video releases 


  • Project Intervision 

During the Psychotherapy Working Group sessions at the last EFPT Forum held in Prague we came up with an innovative idea that has the aim to support trainees within the working group. 

During our training, we all experience in our workplaces very intense situations. We have to deal with all kinds of emotions, not only expressed by patients but also by co-workers, and it’s not always easy to deal with them.

Some of us may have adequate strategies to handle these situations, but we also believe that in several situations, we might lack some tools. 

The “Intervision” is a peer-to-peer workplace support tool frequently used for healthcare professionals. It is an occasion to discuss difficult cases, support each other emotionally and share good practices. Some of the working group members have experienced this kind of activity during their training.

We therefore present you the first international online-based peer-to-peer trainee intervision group.

For confidentiality reasons the Intervision group is currently closed. 


Publications and international communication

How is psychotherapy training perceived by psychiatric trainees? A cross-sectional observational study in Europe (European Psychiatry, september 2017)

Communication of the working group throughout the year is maintained via e-mail. We would love to hear from psychiatric trainees. Please do not hesitate to contact us at psychotherapy-wg@efpt.eu




Psychotherapy WG Chair : Helena Kisand (Estonia)

Psychotherapy WG Co-Chairs :  Tiago Gomes (Ireland), Hugo Canas Simiao (Portugal)

If you wish to obtain general information or to contribute to one or several of our projects, email us to psychotherapy-wg@efpt.eu

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