Welcome to RPIP Page

Our mission:

Promoting recruitment and a positive image of psychiatry




Chair (2017-2018):

Zetti Azvee, Ireland

Co-Chair (2017-2018):

Anne Nobels, Belgium

Members (2015-2016) :

Petra Soros,
Petra Ulbert,
Howard Ryland,
Livia De Picker

RPIP WG at EFPT forum Istanbul 2017



Recruitment of medical students and junior doctors into psychiatry is an important issue in many European countries. This issue is closely linked to the image of the psychiatric profession. As psychiatric trainees, we come into direct contact with medical students. EFPT, therefore, believes that psychiatric trainees should be involved in actions that can improve the image of the psychiatric profession and wants to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and successful initiatives.

Videos (EFPT YouTube Channel)

  1. EFPT Promo Video – Shaping the Future of Psychiatry 2015
  2. AFFEP EFPT Psychiatric Cliché 1st – Real doctor
  3. AFFEP EFPT Psychiatric Cliché 2nd – Personal History
  4. AFFEP EFPT Psychiatric Cliché 3rd – Boring
  5. AFFEP EFPT Psychiatric Cliché 4th – Lazy

Recent Activities

  1. Symposium “Improving the Image of Psychiatry” @ WPA Madrid September 2014
  2. “The image of psychiatrists” – a presentation by Livia De Picker @ EPA 2015 Early Career Psychiatrists: EFPT/ ECPC-EPA Symposium: All psychiatrists are equal but are some more than others
  3. Diversity In Psychiatry Project

WG Action Plan 2015-2016

  1. Creating a pool of resources related to recruitment and de-stigmatization of psychiatry (a guideline for trainees and educators to promote the choice of psychiatry in medical students)
  2. Video of positive role models (an inspiring video featuring psychiatrists and covering five dimensions of our profession – researcher, clinician, manager, educator, communicator)
  3. Close interaction with European national psychiatric trainees association to make use of our resources to promote psychiatry
  4. International facilitation of MedFest