Maintaining and Establishing a National Trainee Association (MENTA) Working Group



EFPT strongly believes that the coordination of trainees’ interests and efforts is key to promoting high quality psychiatric training. It is therefore essential that all psychiatric trainees are represented by national trainee organisations in their countries. These associations are the core of the federation, keeping it international, strong and continuously active in the improvement of psychiatric training around Europe and the world.

EFPT should serve as a model, guide and framework to maintaining the existing national trainees associations and establishing new ones in Europe and beyond, serving for the best interests of trainees from all over the globe.

Istanbul, 2017

The 5th edition of the EFPT-MENTA Overseas Programme Invitation --- TBA ---


Valentina Basile (Switzerland)



Jibril I.M Handuleh (Somaliland)

MENTA Working Group at Prague Forum 2019
MENTA Oversea Delegates at Prague Forum 2019




The Maintaining and Establishing a National Trainees’ Association Working Group was established during the EFPT forum in Cambridge in 2009, as a permanent Working Group. 
The main aim is to support psychiatric trainees in the first steps of building a national trainees’ association (NTA), in Europe and beyond, and to support existing national trainees’ associations in their activities.

We discuss the obstacles that NTAs might face and share ideas on how to promote (inter)national collaborations. We also actively reach out to psychiatric trainees in countries that don’t have an NTA yet to promote the value and importance of having NTAs and, for European countries, participation in EFPT activities.

We would like to invite all psychiatric trainees, both of countries with and without NTAs, to join our working group and share their ideas and experiences with us and with psychiatric trainees all over the world.


Action plan for 2020-2021

  • Support following countries for full EFPT membership in 2021: Albania
  • Support following countries in establishing an NTA and apply for full EFPT membership in 2021 or later: Cyprus, Kosovo
  • Establish contact with trainees in the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Luxembourg
  • Establish a framework to have fluent contact with NTAs, especially those with internal difficulties, to have no NTA disconnect from EFPT (in collaboration with NTA General Manager and President-elect)
  • Promote survey regarding ‘National Trainees’ Associations for Psychiatric Trainees Worldwide’
  • Create a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document regarding maintaining and establishing NTAs and EFPT membership
  • Continue to promote the World Network of Psychiatric Trainees, establishing contact with psychiatric trainees all over the world and promoting the establishment of NTAs worldwide
  • Organise the 4th edition of the EFPT-MENTA Overseas programme, inviting non-European trainees to the EFPT forum
  • Organise workshops/symposiums in international conferences
  • Plan a publication

Work with us!

Send us an e-mail if you are interested in joining this Working Group.


We also have a mentoring program, for details please access this link.