Working groups gather psychiatric trainees interested to think about a subject.

Few meetings are done during the forum and help to write the annual action plan.

Other meetings are made via skype throughout the year.

The EFPT working groups are working the whole year on important topics of psychiatry in Europe.

To be effective a WG needs :

  • a chairman that will feel good to motivate and remind his co-workers.
  • clear objectives and a reasonable action plan.
  • clear list of responsabilities. Who will be in charge of what and what’s the timing ?
  • a good system of communication :

– Using a mailing list (the IT secretary will help you settle down such a system) is a key feature to keep in touch and easily exchange working files.

– It’s also important to have voice contact at least two times a year and if possible a physical meeting. We are not used to work without seeing eachother, so it’s important to be familiar with working via email.

The list of working groups is voted during each forum.