Welcome, Moldova! 

Dear colleagues, 

On behalf of trainees and young psychiatrists from Republic of Moldova, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to be part of EFPT, to participate at annual Forums and to learn and develop as a young psychiatrists.

I believe we can grow even more through full EFPT membership, that we received in 2018 and having the possibility to take part in decisions of the EFPT.

The Department of Young Psychiatrists and Trainees within the Society of Psychiatrists, Narcologists, Psychotherapists and Clinical Psychologists from Moldova was created on 7th June 2017. You can find more information about the Department on our Facebook page and website.

The innovation of our Society is that, from 2017, it also started accepting psychologists and psychotherapists as members of the society in order to ensure better collaboration and working together on improving mental health in the country. In 2018 EPA also announced about new types of memberships for psychologists and psychotherapists. In 2018 EPA also announced about new types of memberships for psychologists and psychotherapists.

There are no other organizations dedicated to young psychiatrists and trainees in Republic of Moldova, whether general adult psychiatry trainees or child and adolescent psychiatry trainees. Our department represents 43 trainees and young psychiatrists.

The purposes of the Association are to contribute in:

  • Implementing psychiatric, narcological, psychotherapeutic and psychological assistance to people with mental health problems, in accordance with the legal and medical ethical requirements;
  • implementing the rules and criteria of mental health assistance through the Society in accordance with current legislation and international criteria;
  • promoting quality information and knowledge in psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy and clinical psychology;
  • promoting the interests of people with mental health problems, legislative protection of the interests of the members of society;
  • promoting quality and inclusive services for people with mental health problems, including diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The Association is planning following activities to achieve its purposes:

  • elaboration of methods, concepts, ideas regarding the knowledge and study of the phenomenon of promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • organizing and participating in seminars, conferences, meetings, lessons, etc.,
  • analysis of the socio-legal problems facing the society of the Republic of Moldova, which directly affect the human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • raising the quality of the cognitive and intellectual potential of citizens;
  • organizing training and retraining courses for professionals in the field of mental health, psychotherapy, narcology, clinical psychology;
  • publishing and multiplying periodical publications for children and youth;
  • assistance to socially vulnerable people;
  • elaboration, implementation/realization, evaluation and monitoring of various projects at local/national level in order to develop the socioeconomic and human potential of the Republic of Moldova and to achieve the objectives of the Association;
  • participate in various committees and specialized groups in the respective field.


Kind regards,
Andrei Esanu