Update on the EFPT Porto Forum

Porto banner

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are very excited and engaged with the preparations for the upcoming EFPT Forum taking place between 22 and 27 June 2015 in Porto.

If your Pre-registration for the EFPT Forum Porto 2015 has been completed successfully, please proceed with the payment of your registration by no later than May 22. We want to ensure that all countries will be participating at this Forum, and this year we will also have as observers medical students, trainees from other specialties, coming from Europe and beyond.

We received several brilliant applications for the first EFPT Leadership and Professional Skills course directed by Professor Norman Sartorius and Professor Sir David Goldberg, having 16 candidates been selected.

The Scientific Programme of the Porto Forum will count with the contributions through oral and poster presentations from the colleagues attending. Likewise, we will have symposiums, workshops, courses, in line with EFPT’s motto, as well as open lectures to the community, social activities and other surprises, bringing people together discussing “Global mental health”.

Prepare yourself!

Start meeting the Local Organizing Committee of the EFPT Porto Forum 2015: we are many, and each of us has a different background, being trainees of psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, trainees from other specialties and also medical students.

And all of us are definitely looking forward to host you in Porto!

Mariana Pinto da Costa
On behalf of the EFPT Porto Forum 2015 Organizing Committee