The European Psychiatric Association

About the EPA

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) was founded in 1983. With active individual members in as many as 88 countries and 42 National Psychiatric Association Members who represent over 80.000 European psychiatrists, the EPA is the main association representing psychiatry in Europe. The EPA deals with psychiatry and its related disciplines and it focuses on the improvement of care for the mentally ill as well as on the development of professional excellence, through activities addressing the interests of psychiatrists in academia, research and practice throughout all stages of career development.

EPA’s support to the Early Career Psychiatrists

 To face the challenges of a rapidly changing disciplines, the EPA aims to give young professionals a voice in the development of training, research and practice standards, helping them shape their professional identity and move forward in their career with confidence. As the main association representing psychiatry in Europe, the EPA strives to offer stimulating and inspiring opportunities for young psychiatrists through educational and training activities across Europe, as well as during the annual European Congress of Psychiatry.

How to get involved?

 The EPA has been developing a variety of activities such as a scientific track and networking opportunities during the EPA annual congress specifically for Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs). During the 27th European Congress of Psychiatry in Warsaw, Poland (6-9 April 2019) the programme will once again focus on popular topics for young psychiatrists. Be sure to check our website for upcoming information on the programme here.

In addition to our dedicated congress programme, several other EPA activities are of high interest for ECPs, such as the upcoming EPA MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): an “Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”. With this free online course, ECPs will be able to understand the varieties of CBT, their evolution, the application of CBT to various disorders, its key clinical features and the place of this important therapy in psychiatry today. More information on this exciting course, composed of mini-lecture videos, demonstrative role-plays and interviews with international experts in the field, is available at

Every year, the EPA also organises an annual Summer School, a programme tailored for 25 selected young psychiatrists from all over Europe, who come together for a three-day intensive programme led a renowned faculty. This year, the topic will be the “ABCs of Psychotherapy”, and the event will be held in Strasbourg, France, on 6-9 September 2018. Be sure to visit our website for more information!


The EPA Early Career Psychiatrists Committee

These events are planned with the full involvement of the EPA ECP Committee which aims to give ECPs a voice in the evolution of clinical training, research and practice standards to enable them to take influence on their own career. The Committee itself consists of five members and more than thirty ECPs are actively involved in its four Task Forces focused on Research, Publications, Meetings & Associations, and Professional Development.