Sessions at EPA with EFPT Members presenting:

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1) Excellence of ethics and ethics of excellence

Dr Florian Riese EFPT past President, is presenting “Interactions of European early career psychiatrists with the pharmaceutical industry: Status quo and directions for the future”.

2) Early Career Psychiatrists: Symposia: Psychotherapy update

Dr Alina Petricean, Chair of the EFPT Psychotherapy working group, is presenting “Is psychotherapy part of my identity as a psychiatrist? – results from the EFPT study”.

3) Symposium: Workforce and Migration and Brain Drain

Dr Mariana Pinto da Costa from Portugal is presenting “Workforce migration and brain drain in psychiatry trainees”.

4) Workshop: Training in psychiatry throughout Europe

Dr Mariana Pinto da Costa, EFPT President, is presenting “The perspective of trainees on the psychiatry training”.

5) Early Career Psychiatrists: EFPT/ ECPC-EPA Symposium: All psychiatrists are equal; But are some more than others?

  • Dr Marisa Casanova Dias from UK, EFPT past President, is presenting “Similarities and differences in training across Europe”.
  • Dr Ana Giurgiuca from Romania, Chair of the EFPT Research working group, is presenting “Trainees’ Experiences and Opinions regarding UEMS Psychiatry Competencies in their national training programmes: The TEO-PC Study”.
  • Dr Livia De Picker from Belgium, EFPT President-elect, is presenting “The image of psychiatrists”.