Early Career Psychiatrists Council of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists


Maxim Marachev

The Council of Young Scientists of the Russian society of psychiatrists (RSP) coordinates the development of professional cooperation of young specialists working in the field of psychiatric health care in the Russian Federation. Members of the Council can be both working specialists (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, narcologists, biologists and social workers), as well as those undergoing training in residency and graduate school. Age – up to 40 years old inclusive.
The main goals and objectives of the SMU RSP – increase the level of professional training, aspiration and support the motivation for professional self-development and research activity among young professionals.
To promote the development of academic and practical skills among young specialists in the field of psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy and clinical psychology in the Russian Federation.
To contribute to the implementation of educational projects and the promotion of research projects: participation of specialists in competitions, inclusion in central, international and regional (internal) research organizations. Provide support and promotion of society for participation in conferences, schools for young scientists, competitions, exchange programs, educational seminars at regional, national and international levels, provide access to consulting and supervision of professors from scientific, research institutions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.
Timely inform the members of the organization about significant professional events, provide information about conferences, congresses, congresses of specialists in the field of psychiatry, competitive selections in educational and scientific projects, grants and scholarships provided to professional organizations by public organizations and educational institutions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. To develop a professional network, interaction and interaction between specialists in the field of psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, social work specialists and other specialists engaged in practical, research and teaching activities in the field of psychiatry, both within the Russian Federation and with foreign specialist colleagues.