RPIP videos with new subtitles

“Psychiatric Clichés” is a set of four promotional videos created by AFFEP (Association Française Fédérative des Étudiants en Psychiatrie) for the EFPT RPIP WG in 2014. The videos aim at dispelling the usual myths and prejudices related to psychiatry and psychiatrists. Because we want their impact to be as large as possible, during the summer, RPIP WG has been working on distributing the Clichés videos in local languages and they are now available with Romanian and Russian subtitles. Feel free to spread the Cliché videos to your colleagues or contact us to help subtitle them in your language too!

Anca Livia Popescu and Maria Toth provided subtitles in Romanian. Anca presented the translated videos on the latest Congress of Romanian Association of Psychiatric Trainees – AMRPR, at a local psychiatric symposium organized by Asociaţia Psihiatrică Timişoara, and on the local Romaninan Summer School on Psychotherapy. The translated videos were also made available to a broad audience of MAYPP – Moldavian Association of Young Psychiatrists and Psychologists via social media. Here are the videos with Romanian subtitles: Cliché #1 – Not a real doctorCliché #2 – Personal HistoryCliché #3 – BoringCliché #4 – Lazy.

Pavel Alfimov provided a translation into Russian. The subtitled videos are to be distributed via social media (Young Psychiatric Council of Russian Society of Psychiatrists), on the upcoming XVI Russian Psychiatric Congress, as well as on local promotional events for Russian-speaking medical students. Here you can watch the Russian-subtitled videos on YouTube (don’t forget to push the “CC” button to turn on the subtitles): Cliché #1 – Not a real doctor, Cliché #2 – Personal History, Cliché #3 – Boring, Cliché #4 – Lazy.

Thanks AFFEP for the great work!

Best regards,
Working Group on Recruitment and Positive Image Promotion