Psychopathology and Phenomenology Working Group

About Us

The Psychopathology and Phenomenology working group was initiated during the 2022 EFPT forum in Malta. Its main purpose is to bring the overlooked discipline of psychopathology to the attention of psychiatric trainees – the discipline in which the patients’ subjective experiences are prioritized. 

We are aiming to: 

  • create a network of psychiatric trainees and a space to encourage open discussion on the phenomenological method in mental health, research projects and improve each other’s clinical practice;
  • better understand the disturbed human experience, avoiding a reductionist approach;
  • use psychopathology as a bridge between understanding and explaining in both research and clinical practice;
  • collaborate with similar organizations (European Psychiatric Association – Psychopathology Section, European Association of Phenomenology and Psychopathology).

On-going projects:

  • Periodic meetings and online lectures;
  • Research Project – The interest, knowledge and need for formal training in psychopathology for trainees across Europe – supervised by Dr. Luís Madeira, co-chair of EPA Psychopathology Section;
  • Collaboration with the Reading Group of the European Association of Phenomenology and Psychopathology.

We kindly invite you to contact us for additional information and join us at

Chair: Arnaud Bagdasarian – (France)

Co-chairs: Polina Viktorova (Latvia), Alejandro Compareid (Spain), Farshid Monshizadeh (Denmark) 

Past Chairs: Ioana-Diana Teacoe – (Romania) 2022-2023