Poster awards – EFPT Forum 2021

Hey there!
We are the team of young psychiatrists from Belarus!

2020-2021 was a year of challenge for the whole world and Belarus isn’t an exception.

During COVID times we still managed to implement some new cool projects with the help of our colleagues and the Belarusian Psychiatric Association. Our activities during COVID-19 pandemic included: viber and telegram support groups, Zoom meetings, webinars, international virtual conferences and first Olympiad on psychiatry for the medical students in the Belarusian State Medical University.

During the EFPT, 2021 we got inspired by our international colleagues and we hope our experience will also give someone new ideas.

Our team:

  • Tatsiana Skuhareuskaya
  • Mikalai Kiazhun
  • Volha Bialuhina
  • Maria Navadvorskaya
  • Uladzimir Pikirenia

My name is Diana Carolina Zamora and I am a second-year trainee in psychiatry at the Rosario University of Colombia. I also have a Public Health Master degree and have worked in health programs with a special focus on mental health care. 

With the social distancing generated by the Covid 19 pandemic, multiple impacts have been seen on the monitoring and treatment of patients with mental disorders, generating a crucial necessity to generate strategies that allow us to be in close proximity with patients at home. With this need in mind, the Nuestra Señora de la Paz Clinic and the mental health research group from the Rosario University -SOMA- collaborated to create a digital platform which allows the recording of three patient behaviors daily: sleep, mood and energy, cardinal symptoms in mental disorders, thus facilitating the follow-up. It has been a successful strategy that translates on patients feeling accompanied at home, allowing them to take care of their health and have psychoeducation.   

I am very happy to have participated in this year’s EFPT Forum. I hope this to become a new opportunity for Colombian trainee in psychiatry to participate and be in touch with psychiatric trainees all around the world.