Associação Portuguesa de Internos de Psiquiatria

APIP is an association focused on developing anf perfecting the trainees formation along the changes in the Psychiatry panorama. Many of its activities include listening to trainees perspectives and creating oportunities of formation and learning, as discussing options for the future. It is consituted of 9 members, 6 of which are part of the Main Board and divided across the nort, center ans south part of the country. The remaining 3 constitute the tax board.

Associação Nacional de Internos de Psiquiatria da Infância e da Adolescência


Rita Amaro


Ana Rita de Matos Amaro da Mata

Anipia is the Portuguese CAP trainee’s national association. The board consists of 9 elements, divided in the management unit (president, two vice-presidents and treasurer) and the five department’s coordination (Educational and Training, Mental Health Promotion and Hot Topics, Research and Marketing, Cultural, and Web Info and Social Media). The management unit represents the NTA nationally and abroad, handling the major operations and activities. On the other hand, each department designs and implements specific projects, concerning its mission and aims.