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EFPT Contact Persons:

Dr. Alejandro Compaired

Sociedad Española de Médicos Residentes de Psiquiatría





Hospitals participating at the Exchange Program:

1) Complejo Asistencial de Zamora (Zamora): Carlos Llanes

2) Complejo Asistencial Salut Mental Benito Menni CASM (Barcelona): Teresa Gomez 

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Spain is one of EFPT`s newest members, having joined the federation in 2016. Their NTA was created in September 2015.

Ongoing projects:

1) Coordination of Violence Against Psychiatric Trainees (VAPT) international project (from Research Working Group): Victor Pereira and Hector Saiz 

2) Chairing MENTA Working Group: Victor Pereira

3) Local coordination of EFPT international surveys: Cristian-Daniel Llach

4) Chairing CAP Working Group: Teresa Gomez 

5) Local coordination of Brain Drain international project: Carlos Gomez