Sekcja Kształcenia Specjalizacyjnego, Polskie Towarzystwo Psychiatryczne (Specialty Training Section, Polish Psychiatric Association)


The visibility of Polish trainees on international platforms, after years of mediocre activity levels, increased considerably after the Young Psychiatrists’ Network Meeting in Wroclaw in 2014 thanks to the establishment of a strong bond between the hosts, Polish trainees, and some of the guests, members of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT). It resulted in the presence of the delegates from Poland at the EFPT Forum in London in 2014. The Specialty Training Section of the Polish Psychiatric Association (PTP) joined EFPT officially as a member in June 2015 thanks to a constant support from the board members of the Polish Psychiatric Association. Later that year, a board of the Section was formed and two local branches opened (in Wrocław and Katowice). At the moment, Polish NTA is engaged in many EFPT projects and activities, among others:

1) Violence Against Psychiatric Trainees (VAPT) international project (Research Working Group): Anna Szczegielniak (national focal point)

2) Brain Drain international project: Dorota Frydecka, Tomasz Gondek, Anna Szczegielniak (national focal points) Additionaly, our members are active withing the EFPT internal structures: 1) Chair of the Research Working Group: Anna Szczegielniak

2) Senior Advisor to the MENTA Working Group: Tomasz Gondek

At the moment our work is focused on the strenghtening internal structures of the section and establishing strong leadership positions capable of ensuring continuation of the work. Our main goal is to gain nationwide recognition through offering quality workshops, lectures focusing on practical aspects of our work and panel discussions in regards to everyday challenges of Polish psychiatry. In light of recent wave of protests of junior doctors in our country, we decided to prioritize grassroots work.