Societatea Psihiatrilor, Narcologilor, Psihoterapeuților și Psihologilor Clinicieni (Society of Psychiatrists, Narcologists, Psychotherapists and Clinical Psychologists)- SPNPPC




• Implementation of psychiatric, narcological, psychotherapeutic and psychological assistance to people with mental health problems, in accordance with the requirements of legislation and medical ethics;

• Implementation through the Company of the norms and criteria of assistance in the field of mental health in accordance with the legislation in force and the international criteria;

• Recognition and accreditation of professionals in the field of mental health, psychotherapy and other related fields; • Promoting quality information and knowledge in the field of psychiatry, narcology, psychotherapy and clinical psychology;

• Promoting the interests of people with mental health problems, legislative protection of the interests of the members of the Society.

• Promoting quality and inclusive services for people with mental health problems, including diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

• Elaboration of methods, concepts, ideas regarding the knowledge and study of the phenomenon of promotion and protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms;

• Organizing and participating in seminars, conferences, meetings, lessons, etc., in order to achieve the statutory goals by attracting qualified specialists in the priority areas of activity of the Company;

• Organizing training and refresher courses for professionals in the field of mental health, psychotherapy, narcology, clinical psychology;

• Development, implementation / implementation, evaluation and monitoring of various projects at local / national level in order to develop the socio-economic and human potential of the Republic of Moldova and in order to achieve the objectives of the Company;