Association Française Fédérative des Etudiants en Psychiatrie


President :

Nicolas Doudeau

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Tomas Mastellari

Tristan Quinet

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Who are we ?

AFFEP is an independent organisation representing both Adult and Child and adolescent psychiatric trainees. Our organisation was created in 1998 and we were pleased to host the EFPT forum in 2003.

Loyal to our national motto, “freedom, equality, fraternity”, creating links and building bridges between psychiatry trainees in Europe is a constant goal for us.

Interested in participating in EFPT Exchange Programme?

Several french cities take part in the exchange programme :

  • AMIENS : 2 hospitals : Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Amiens (general hospital) and Centre Hospitalier Philippe Pinel (psychiatric hospital) – Manon Smelten
  • PARIS : Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne  : Laura Di Lodovico
  • LYON : Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier : Caroline Bévalot
  • GRENOBLE : Centre Hospitalier Alpes-Isère (CHAI) : Tiphaine Roelens

 Ongoing projects:

– Participation in the PAB survey 2017 about training of European Psychiatry Trainees into mental health
care of refugee + participation in the interviews of specialists explaining key-points of training about this
topic – Laura Uzer-Kremers and Valentine Galantai
– Participation in the Psychotherapy WG / Psychotherapy guidebook – Laura Uzer-Kremers
– National Surveys : “Psychiatric trainees and violence” , “Forensic psychiatric survey”, …