National Training Organisation Report – Romania


The Romanian delegation at the London EFPT Forum, 2014

The Romanian Association of Psychiatric Trainees (AMRPR) is the only organization of it’s kind in the country. It was established in 1996 in Timisoara and it promotes the professional interests of adult and child and adolescent (CAP) psychiatric trainees by representing them in all relevant forums, encouraging research activities and mobility experiences and planning or taking part in specific scientific events.

Approximately 550 adult and 100 child and adolescent trainees are presently undertaking their postgraduate psychiatric training in the eleven University Centers in the country. AMRPR has local representatives in each of them, with a current number of 180 active members. The association has an NGO status and is lead by an appointed board of directors that is elected every 2 years in the general assembly.

The AMRPR is also represented in the National Psychiatric Association, the president being a member of the board and taking part in the training commission in order to support and highlight the trainees’ perspective in improving the educational process. Both professional organizations are working towards reintroducing the 5-year curricula and fully implementing the European recommendations for postgraduate training in psychiatry.

Since 1997 AMRPR is actively taking part in the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) objectives, as a member country. During this time the Romanian delegation was constantly and dynamically involved in the EFPT activities by organizing the 2002 forum in Sinaia and contributing to the board proceedings with active members. Energetic trainees from the Romanian delegation are always keen to participate in research projects as national or European coordinators. Here are only a few examples of great research studies that were developed during the EFPT Forum and make us proud to be a part of: IDEA, PRIRS, BRAIN DRAIN, TEO-PC. The Romanian Association of Psychiatric Trainees (AMRPR) is also involved in the Exchange program, providing CAP trainees with the opportunity to visit the wonderful Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca. Our colleagues will welcome you with open arms. In our view, the greatest advantage of the EFPT experience is the opportunity to network and learn about the diversity and richness of our fellow psychiatrists living in Europe.

Every year since 1996, AMRPR organises a national congress. Our agenda for the annual meeting is to decide upon common goals in order to improve our training, to provide a good scientific programme focused on different perspectives: clinical, psychotherapeutic and research, and to have fun in the process. Considering our long tradition in collaborating with the EFPT, we had the pleasure to have as guest speaker former President Florian Riese, two years ago in Timisoara. Also, through the joining efforts of our members, last year in Cluj-Napoca, we had the chance to host the EPA Itinerant Course of Prof. Michael Musalek, from Vienna, about Delusions. This year in September, at the 18th Edition of the AMRPR Congress which took place in Bucharest, we were glad to welcome among many national and international speakers, Dr. Dan Georgescu, Vice-President of the Psychiatry Section of Union Europeenne Des Medecins Specialist (UEMS), to teach a workshop about training recommendations in psychiatry and President of the EFPT, Mariana Pinto Da Costa who talked about the opportunities for trainees who join young psychiatry associations. Besides the National Congress, AMRPR organizes round the year activities that focus on early career psychiatrists’ professional interests. Worth mentioning this year, is the Leadership course held by Professor Norman Sartorius and Professor Sir David Goldberg, which you’ll have the chance to take part in, if attending next year EFPT Forum in Porto.

To conclude on the activities of The Romanian Association of Psychiatric Trainees I would like to emphasize, just as my European counterpart, Mariana Pinto Da Costa, the great importance of such an organisation in the professional development of a young medical doctor and to encourage you to join and improve your national trainees’ association in order to promote the highest possible standards of treatment and care in Europe.

Dr Ana Giurgiuca

President, Romanian Association of Psychiatric Trainees

Chair of Research Working Group, European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees

Psychiatry Trainee,

“Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia” Clinical Psychiatry Hospital, Bucharest, Romania

PhD Student, Assistant Professor 

“Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania