Message from the President

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Dear colleagues and friends

I am delighted to introduce you this Autumn Edition of the EFPT Newsletter, describing the efforts and achievements of EFPT, following the London EFPT Annual Forum of this year, where it has been fantastic to meet motivated trainees aiming to work together for a common goal: shaping the future of psychiatry.

I have started my mandate as President of this Federation, with the EFPT board that has been elected, aiming to work closely with the 7 EFPT Working Groups for this year.

I am very pleased to witness that in this period EFPT has launched new projects in collaboration, reaching new affiliations, constantly taking steps further.

  • Research Internship with ECNP started in a breakfast meeting in Zurich where I have proposed to Prof Joseph Zohar, as part of my candidature for EFPT Presidency, to provide trainees the opportunity to have a research experience in international renowned centers. It has been extraordinary to be part of the process with JMAP that turned this ambitious idea into a successful reality for the great community it targets.
  • Cooperate with National Trainees Associations being present in the Romanian Congress of Trainees in Bucharest and meeting spanish colleagues in WPA Congress in Madrid, supporting them to establish a committee of trainees.
  • Recruit Medical students in collaboration with IFMSA.  To promote the Positive Image of Psychiatry videos have been shown in Portugal, Croatia and Turkey.
  • Take part at the UEMS debate at the London meeting, where the majority agreed that “A Europe wide psychiatry exam would be good for Psychiatry”.
  • Lead Research international surveys:
  • Workforce migration in 33 countries, having presented the Brain drain study results from Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and UK.
  • Trainees’ opinions on UEMS Competencies in the national training programs ongoing in 7 countries.
  • Promote the EFPT Exchange Program, led by trainees for trainees, that provides opportunities to go to other country and to experience a different mental health system and training program. I am proud to say that at this phase we have 11 countries available (new placement in Germany) offering more than 50 different Programs.
  • Strengthening EFPT Funding to boost our Fundraising initiative and the Forum Fees. We sincerely appreciate your solidarity and willingness of supporting us. Donate!
  • New Affiliations at WPA and IACAPAP with whom we expect fruitful collaborations.
  • Represent the EFPT at several international key congresses, such as the EPA Symposium in Turkey.

As for the Communication Strategy one of the key goals of this year in order to make EFPT recognized and acknowledged across Europe:

  • Two General Managers have been nominated: the EFPT Newsletter Editor and the EFPT Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Group has been established (Thematic Days have been announced through our network: International Youth Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, World Mental Health Day)
  • Guidance of use of EFPT Social Media has been promoted
  • EFPT News Edition was initiated with a special issue covering EFPT activities at WPA Congress in Madrid
  • EFPT Signature was produced, advertising our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the website
  • EFPT Flyer circulated in a initiative to spread the word of the EFPT
  • New EFPT Website has been launched
  • EFPT content at Wikipedia

Last, but not the least, the Pre-registration for the EFPT Porto Forum 2015 has opened! If you know you are attending, don’t think twice: pre-register today!

I want to conclude by emphasizing that I look forward to continue this stimulating and demanding work in the year ahead of us.

This has been possible due to the dedication, enthusiasm and hard-work from psychiatry trainees around Europe that are joining forces in the EFPT!

Best wishes,

Mariana Pinto da Costa

EFPT President

On behalf of the EFPT Board