Kaloyan Guevara

Kaloyan Guevara is a trainee and PhD student in psychiatry in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is cofounder and president of the Bulgarian Young Psychiatrists’ Association (BYPA) which was created in 2018. Since then he has gained experience in attracting, motivating and involving members in the idea of BYPA and EFPT. His major fields of interests are neuropsychiatry, neuropsychopharmacology and emergency medicine.
Contact: kalomar2002@hotmail.com

Victor Pereira-Sanchez

Victor is an academic psychiatrist trained in Spain, now subspecializing in child and adolescent psychiatry at New York University. He was a co-founder of the Spanish Society of Psychiatric Trainees, chair of EFPT MENTA Working Group, and founder of the World Network of Psychiatric Trainees (WNPT). Apart from his direct involvement in the establishment of the Spanish National Trainees’ Association (NTA), since 2016 he has been closely supporting and mentoring other trainees in their establishment and maintenance of a number of NTAs in Europe and all over the world.
Contact details:
(preferred) Email: vpereira@alumni.unav.es
Professional profile website: https://med.nyu.edu/faculty/victor-pereira-sanchez
Social media (Twitter, Instagram): @victorpsanchez

Charlotte Migchels

Charlotte is a 5th year General Adult Psychiatry trainee from Belgium and current EFPT president. She is a member of the VVAP (Flemish Association for Trainee Psychiatrists). If you would like support and advice in how to organise and run an international organisation, connecting NTA’s from different countries, like EFPT, feel free to contact her: president@efpt.eu.

Michael Wallies

Michael is a 5th year trainee in General Adult Psychiatry in Switzerland. He is president of the Swiss Association of Psychiatric trainees and is the current chair of the EFPT MENTA Working Group. He is specialized in giving advice on how to financially support a trainee organization.
Contact: menta@efpt.eu