Medfest 2016

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is pleased to announce the return of Medfest! We are in the early stages of planning our sixth year and are keen to get interested parties on board in our venture to make this year our best yet.

Medfest is a medically themed film festival run by UK Psychiatry trainees which aims to increase interest in Psychiatry and to inspire others through the use of film. Each spring, the Medfest central committee selects and screens medically themed short films to audiences at medical schools across the UK, and is now established beyond as a internationally recognised event.

Medfest audiences comprise primarily of medical students, however the events are relevant to all mental health professions, film fans and members of the public are also very welcome. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has supported Medfest since it was founded in 2011, enabling Medfest events to be held as free events, with additional funding from a number of national and local sources. In 2015 a total of 46 events were held globally, comprising of over 25 medical schools in UK. Further successful events were held in Ireland, Portugal, Pakistan, India, Canada, South Africa, Australia and the US, reaching a combined audience of more than 3,000.

Now in it’s 6th year, the provisional theme of Medfest 2016 is ‘Framing Trauma: Conflict and Medicine’. We are putting together an exciting programme of films to spark interest and debate between medical students and inspiring panellists. This year we are enthused by early plans for events across Australia and New Zealand, and hope to see many more stimulating events held by new and previously supportive institutions. The tremendous success of Medfest to date is due to the passion, creativity and dedication of its supporters, which includes many of you reading this email. To further the success of Medfest 2016, my colleagues and I would be honoured if you would consider hosting an event in your area between February-April 2016.

If you are keen to embark on this exciting campaign with us, or would like more information, please email indicating which area/institution you represent, confirming the name and email of a suitable contact.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest regards,
Dr David Bell
ST4 GAP/Medical Psychotherapy (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Medfest 2016 Lead