Leadership course during the 2017 Istanbul Forum

From the 27th to 29th of June 2017, 15 psychiatric trainees and clinical psychologists from 7 different countries gathered in Istanbul for the “EFPT Leadership and Professionals Skills Course”. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Norman Sartorius and Prof. Levent Küey, we improved our presentation skills and learned how to make a proper introduction, to give a speech, to write a CV and motivation letter, to design a poster, to write a funding proposal and to chair a meeting. It was an inspiring experience to be surrounded by such motivated and enthusiastic colleagues.

Apart from all the practical advice I received, this Course gave me the courage and self-confidence to stand up for what I believe in and take the chances and opportunities that are before me.

Inspired by the Course I decided to run for the position of EFPT Secretary General at the EFPT Forum. Giving that one minute election speech during the General Assembly was nerve-wracking, but keeping in mind my newly gained skills I was confident I could do it. I’m very happy to be elected and to be able to serve this wonderful federation in the upcoming year.

I want to thank the EFPT and local organising committee for making this Course possible. In this way you raised my “Hope for the Future of Psychiatry”.


Anne Nobels
Psychiatric trainee and PhD fellow, Ghent University Belgium
EFPT Secretary General