Hungarian anti-stigma project “The New Resident”

The Hungarian Association of Psychiatry Trainees is putting on a very interesting and important theatre project, together with Souls At Home. Read what they are up to and see how you could contribute:

The stigmatisation of misfits is as old as mankind. Even in the 21st century, the mentally ill still account for one of the groups facing prejudice and misplaced judgement every day. We all witness the lack of knowledge concerning mental disorders and the shame people living with them experience. Unsurprisingly, psychiatric patients are often reluctant to seek the help of qualified professionals and consequently do not receive adequate care. In addition to their suffering, un- or mistreated mental patients amount to an increasing social burden. It is for the benefit of all to deal with mental illness appropriately.

Because of the complex background of stigmatisation many aspects of it may be targeted when we attempt to fight it. A Hungarian foundation – ’Souls at Home’ – has been pursuing anti-stigmatisation programs for years, aiming mainly for raising awareness. One of their recent projects aspires to do so in a most innovative way. Professional actors are invited to perform at housing facilities, personifying applicants for what is presented as a newly available apartment in the building. Through their character each actor introduces a scale of mental issues. The local community, who make up the audience, can ask the applicants questions, making the play interactive and giving the opportunity to better understand different ways of thinking. 

This form of interactive theatre could help show the human side of those struggling with mental disorders. Fundraising and other necessary preparations for the realization of ’The New Resident’ are already underway. The enclosed document contains a more detailed description of the concept. If you are interested in facilitating this project, either as an individual or by offering institutional support as an NTA, please do not hesitate to contact Károly Oriold (founder of ’Souls at Home’) at the e-mail address shared below.  

Hungarian Association of Psychiatric Trainees
Ibolya Anna van der Wijk, President

E-mail Károly Oriold:

Document with more details about the project

Website of the foundation ’Souls at Home’