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From now on, in every newsletter we will introduce you to one of the national trainee associations. This edition we asked the Georgian NTA to introduce themselves:

The Youth Scientific Union (YSU) consists of different departments, including the Mental Health Department (our official documentation and our legal status was already provided before). The Union gives an opportunity for young specialists and enthusiasts in various fields to acquire and develop professional skills in a comfortable working environment.

The Mental health department (MHD) in particular carries the NTA status and is responsible for projects, which includes activities around relevant fields. Apart from MHD, YSU consists of student Scientific Research club “Vitalis”and administrative units.

Moreover, The Youth Scientific Union is establishing new departments such as the “Medical Journal of Youth Scientific Union” and the “Public Health Group”.

The “Medical Journal of Youth Scientific Union” will be one of the first youth medical scientific journals in Georgia. This journal will follow the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. We invite you to take part in peer reviewing as international reviewers and submit your abstracts as well.

The aim of the Public health group is to unite young people interested in this field, develop the right view in healthcare systems of Georgia and worldwide; raise public awareness of important issues and try to overcome the challenges. As the Youth Scientific Union has both the “Public Health Group” and the “Mental Health Department”, our projects will be more comprehensive. Some MHD activities will narrow down in the public health direction.

The mental Health department is currently conducting online questionnaire based research about stress coping mechanisms during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Tbilisi population. The research aims to identify the most frequently used coping strategy in terms of massive and complex stressors and to create adapted and relevant recommendations in the future.

We would like to emphasize that the NTA president Said Ajiantsi is selected for 2 years and will be in charge until the end 2021. Also we would like to announce that our international representative Ana Sazandrishvili, which is the EFPT delegate, is selected for 2 years as well. She will be in charge till the end of 2022. We attach the contact information of YSU president, Vakhtang Tebidze and The MHD administration.

We have already renewed the information on the EFPT website and won’t make any changes for.

For detailed information, please follow the links.

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President of the NTA: SaidAjiantsi,

President of the YSU: VakhtangTebidze,

EFPT delegate: AnaSazandrishvili,

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Mental Health Department of YSU

NTA of Georgia