Greeting from EFPT Alumnus Defne Eraslan

Dear (young) EFPT Member,

The EFPT forum that will be held in Istanbul this June marks the 15th year of my first involvement in the EFPT in Romania in 2002.

I can remember myself, eyes wide open with  curiosity and admiration, listening to the discussions filled with interesting (and difficult to understand) concepts about Psychiatric Training in Europe. I remember how enthusiastic EFPT made me feel.

At that time, EFPT was not so well organised and efficient as it is today. But still, we were able to achieve many goals. As a board member and a president of the EFPT, I learned a lot. I learned how to present well, how to lead meetings, how to make difficult discussions productive, how to represent my association in bigger, more serious meetings of other mental health associations, and how to collaborate in an international environment.

I have had a very rich career, in many different roles a psychiatrist is needed: As a clinician, advisor to pharmaceutical industry, academician, newspaper columnist, CBT therapist, liaison psychiatrist, and a proud member of different taskforces in the EPA. I can say in all of these positions, I regularly used the skills I acquired in the EFPT.

But these skills are nothing, when compared to the lifelong friendships that EFPT has provided me.

So, I must say I envy all of you, that are  within their journey in EFPT. I wish all of you many fruitful Forums to come, and many lifelong friendships to build.

Kind regards
Defne Eraslan