Final update from RPIP working group : Diversity In Psychiatry

RPIP (promoting recruitment and a positive image of psychiatry) Working Group has always had a strong focus in understanding the gaps and challenges pertaining to recruitment through research and in promoting positive image of Psychiatry. A lot of this work has been done through various promotional videos targeting medical students, other medical specialities and the general public.

In trying to promote this image, RPIP’s debut production of promotional videos titled “Psychiatric Clichés” is a set of four promotional videos created by AFFEP (Association Française Fédérative des Étudiants en Psychiatrie) in cooperation with RPIP WG in 2014. The videos aim at dispelling the prevalent myths and prejudices related to psychiatry and psychiatrists.

In 2015, the RPIP Working Group looked at matters of retention. As a result, a more inspirational path was paved resulting in a 3-series of videos titled Role Model, aimed at Psychiatric trainees from 3 different perspectives.

In 2016, Dr Howard Ryland, current EFPT Past President who was also a member of the RPIP Working Group, presented at the RCPsychUK International Congress on Recruitment in Psychiatry an International Perspective, which was well received.

Diversity in Psychiatry is the final project of the RPIP aimed at recruitment at medical school level to provide awareness of what a career in Psychiatry has to offer. One of the quotes from the interviewee that stood out is “ Psychiatry is the final frontier of Medicine” and this we believe would stand the test of time.

Zetti Avzee
Chair of the RPIP Working Group

All of the videos are available on RPIP WG