The University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče is the biggest and the oldest psychiatric hospital in the country. In the hospital all the psychiatric problems can be treated, in all of the therapeutic approaches and techniques.

In the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče, patients with sexual problems, gender issues and paraphilias can be treated in an outpatient setting. This outpatient clinic works three days a week. The patients are treated with combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. The specific techniques of sexual therapy are employed to work with this specific group of patients. The preferred mode of treatment is couple (partner) therapy, but also individual therapy is used. The patients are adults (age 18 and above), referred by their general practitioners.

Psychiatrists and a psychologist are working with these patients, and we have a close communication with an endocrinologist working in a general hospital near the Vrapče hospital.

Visit to other departments in the hospital is also possible.


University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče

Bolnička cesta 32

10000 Zagreb





2-6 weeks (could be adjusted individually)


Periods available:

All year, but previous contact is needed as the available accommodation is limited


Special requirements

The therapy is in Croatian, but some of the patients are willing to talk in English with the participants of the programme



We are offering free accommodation for trainees who are participating in the programme at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrače, Bolnička cesta 32, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. Meals are also included, at the hospital.