Component of ApplicationScore DescriptorsApplicant score
Curriculum Vitae (Summary)1 = CV not relevant to placement
5 = Adequate CV, no particular strengths or weaknesses
8 = Excellent CV, some aspects relevant to placement
10 = Excellent candidate, CV highly relevant to placement
 / 10
Relevant Experience/ SeniorityPoints awarded through the following formula:
Current Year of Training / Total length of Training in Years x 10
/ 10
Motivation Letter:A = Relevant goals and objectives demonstrated by the candidate
B = Clear contribution to the host country of participation outlined by the candidate
C = Candidate outlines other interests of relevance to the application.

Examples may include such variables as EFPT participation, national trainee representative, involved in training in own country, demonstrates ability to bring something to the exchange programme
/ 5  
/ 5  

/ 5

Language Proficiency (some placements have a language proficiency requirement and trainees are advised to check them)1 = No skills in this language
5 = Reasonable oral and some reading skills
8 = very good oral language skills, adequate reading/ writing skills, not likely to struggle in placement
10 = fluent/ native speaker  

Some placements carry out a Language Proficiency Interview to ascertain this section of the Marking Scheme.  
Note, for most applications a score of less than 5 is an exclusion criterion, and language skills rating 7/10 will be necessary to gain the most out of your placement.
/ 10
Total Score            / 45

In case of equal scores, priority will be given to candidates who:

  • Applied previously and were unsuccessful
  • Home country offers vacancies