The EFPT Exchange Programme – is a short-term observership program for psychiatric trainees in Europe established in 2011 and offering placements in different fields of psychiatry all across Europe.

The programme consists of a minimum of a 2 week and a maximum of a 6 week stay. The applicant will have to negotiate the terms with his or her own institution to go on leave.

The programme can be tailored to individual wishes and availability. The host countries provide various opportunities within clinical work, research and teaching. The program may contain visits to geographically different institutions. EFPT also wishes to encourage a variety of social and cultural activities in the host country.

Please visit the Apply page to find all information about the application process, mandatory documents, and link to the online application form.

Aim of the the exchange programme

The aim of the program is to provide trainees with the opportunities to:

  • Get involved in clinical, research and teaching activities abroad
  • Experience another mental health care system
  • Experience a different trainee program
  • Socialise with European trainees
  • Learn about trans-cultural psychiatry
Where do you want to go?  What do you want to learn?

There are two ways to search for the programme that suits your objectives. Either you search by country if you have an idea where you want to go or you search by programme to find the psychiatric field that interests you. Keep in mind that the programmes aim of the programmes listed above. The programmes are not aimed to fulfil the necessary learning objectives in any specific field of psychiatry.



The applicant can be a psychiatric trainee of any year, registered and training in a EFPT country. You can check here if your country is a EFPT member country.

The applicant should be fluent in English. Some knowledge of the local language is helpful but may not be compulsory. The host institution can not guarantee translation. The applicant has to make sure this is taken into consideration when making arrangements with the local coordinator.

Selection criteria

If there is more than one applicant per vacancy, selection will be done by a local group without conflict of interest. The criteria include the letter of motivation, CV, language proficiency, seniority in training.


Each year, there will be two phases for exchange: March to August and September to January. The application period is May and November, for a duration of one month.

What is expected?

The applicant will have to prepare a presentation to be performed upon arrival at the host institution. It should contain information on the participant’s country, the education and institution and areas of best practise. This is a way to share knowledge.

When the applicant returns, he/she is expected to send in a report to be uploaded on the EFPT Exchange webpage and to fill in an online feedback form. Some of the reports will be published in the EFPT Newsletter. The applicant is strongly encouraged to present experiences at his/her home institution. Once the feedback form and report has been sent in, the applicant will be issued a certificate.

We encourage you to use the hashtag: #EFPTexchange

Financial aid

Unfortunately The EFPT have little possibilities to provide funds or bursaries for the exchange stay at the this stage. Expenses regarding transport, accommodation, food, visa, insurance etc. must be covered entirely by the applicant. There might be local funds you can apply for. We have recently introduced the possibility for trainees from selected low income countries to apply for a bursary. You can read more about this bursary on the Bursary page.

We strive to be able to accommodate applicants in student or hospital premises at as low costs as possible. Sometimes you have the opportunity to be hosted by another trainee. See information under each program and contact the local exchange coordinators.

How to apply?

All applications must be made through the website Under the Apply tab you will find the online application form and deadline information.

Important information for applicants

Dear applicant, please, consider the following.

The selection process takes about 4 weeks. During that time local coordinator might contact you for further details. It means that you should check your email once a week during that period. In case you are not accepted, feel free to apply again during the next period.

Be aware that EFPT Exchange Programme accepts applications from EFPT member countries, or countries who applied for EFPT membership.


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