Medical Education at the Psychiatric Centre Glostrup

About us

Psychiatric Centre Glostrup is a large university psychiatric hospital in the western part of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. We deliver psychiatric care both in- and outpatient wise to  approximately 5000 contacts per year. The centre consists of a psychiatric emergency department and170 inpatient beds divided between 62 intensive units and 108 open wards. We also have 16 different outpatient clinics which take care of patients according to diagnosis (affective disorder/psychotic disorder/oligophrenia/ geriatrics/ADHD/ autism etc. ). We also have a large research department  (neuropsychiatry, psychopathology) with professors.

Basic medical training in Denmark is a 6 year university education + 1 year of compulsory basic work.
The specialization in psychiatry is a 5 year working education on top of the basic education. We have junior doctors in training at all levels from basic training to the last year of psychiatric specialization as well as medical students from Copenhagen University.  The senior staff include approximately 30 trained psychiatrists.

In Psychiatric Centre Glostrup we work together with next of kin and social services when needed to provide for an optimal medical treatment and a better value of life for each patient.

Your stay:

As an exchange student at Psychiatric Center Glostrup you will receive a personal work schedule were you will be alternating between wards and selected outpatient clinics. If you have any special area of interest please let us know beforehand and we may be able to suit your needs.

We aim to host three applicants with two of you in parallel stays. Each stay is for a 3 week period and will be placed in August/September and November/Decembereach year. This year it will be in week 48, 49 and 50.

Welcome to Psychiatric Centre Glostrup. 


You should have commenced your residency training in Psychiatry, before applying.

About Copenhagen:

If you hold a Passport issued by Schengen countries you are eligible for visiting Denmark without a visa. If not from a Schengen country please consult your local authorities.

Be aware that cost of living in Denmark (and Scandinavia) is relatively high. Coffee at a coffeeshop ~4EUR. You may consider booking through apps like couchsurfing etc. Some hostels are available mostly with high level of comfort. When that said – this should not keep you away from a stay in Copenhagen!

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Touristboard of Denmark:

Copenhagen Airport:, All major European airlines connects to Copenhagen. Major airlines with hub status:

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National Coordinator:

Christian Møller