Medical Education at the Psychiatric Center Amager

About us:
Psychiatric Center Amager is part of the Mental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The center has many outpatient offerings, an emergency facility and 129 beds in 9 wards. In concordance with the guidelines and the philosophy of the Mental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark we have focused on implementing well-functioning and good procedures to secure both the capacity and quality in the treatment of even more patients.

At Psychiatric Center Amager we are driven by a culture of improvement. We use LEAN-tools as part of our daily routines and we constantly work with development and adjustment of the structures within the center to facilitate a culture in which all employees may come up with solutions on common problems and challenges.

One of the key focus areas of Psychiatric Center Amager is to ensure coherent patient care, and it is an effort that permeates daily organization. The center is led by a very ambitious management and highly skilled staff who are strongly committed to developing the main task – value for the patient.

We are 500 full time employees at Psychiatric Center Amager and we are very concerned about ensuring a good working environment for all staff groups. This includes focusing on individual development opportunities, employee involvement and stress prevention.

As part of University hospital of Copenhagen, it is an important task to offer the best possible education and we strive to create developing and inspiring learning environments. We are focused in the close relationship between clinical practice and research.

As part of University hospital of Copenhagen medical students are often receiving lectures and enrolled in the daily clinical work to further support their learning.

Psychiatric Center Amager consist of the following wards:

Emergency clinic with two adjacent wards, one open and one intensive care unit. An outpatient team is also operating within the emergency clinic.

Four intensive care units/wards

One open ward for adults with psychosis

One open ward for young patients with first episode psychosis

One open ward for patients with affective and personality disorders

One gerontopsychiatric ward

Outpatient offerings:

Two community psychiatric teams and one ACT team. One out patient team for first episode psychosis. All located at Hans Bogbinders Alle

One community psychiatric team and one ACT team. Located at Gammel Kongevej

A psychiatric outreach team aimed for homeless patients

A ‘OPUS’ team, aimed for young patients with preliminary psychosis

A gerontopsychiatric outpatient offering

A psychotherapeutic clinic offering outpatient therapy for patients with anxiety, affective and personality disorders

A center for suicidal prevention

Your stay:

As exchange student at Psychiatric Center Amager you will be allocated to either intensive care units and/or open wards during your stay. If you have any special area of interest please let us know beforehand and we may be able to suit your needs.

We aim to host two applicants at the same time at a stay of up to 4 weeks.


You should have commenced your residency training in Psychiatry, before applying.

About Copenhagen:

If you hold a Passport issued by Schengen countries you are eligible for visiting Denmark without a visa. If not from a Schengen country please consult your local authorities.

Be aware that cost of living in Denmark (and Scandinavia) is relatively high. Coffee at a coffeeshop ~4EUR. You may consider booking through apps like couchsurfing etc. Some hostels are available mostly with high level of comfort. When that said – this should not keep you away from a stay in Copenhagen!

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National Coordinator:

Anne Høyen Munk