Since the UK receives the most applications in each round and it has a high frequency of visitors, trainees, postgraduate researches and clinician it is ideal to start by planning a list of priorities – areas of psychiatry you are interested in. With the help of the local coordinator you will then be able to get in contact with staff in the department in order to organise your time better and maximise your experience. Some programmes allow visits to other departments.

It is recommended to plan well in advance before undergoing an exchange programme in the UK. Firstly, because organisation of accommodation, transport and VISA are up to the visiting trainee. Secondly, it is recommended that one becomes knowledgeable about the UK healthcare system.

It is useful to be aware that only one person, beside the interviewer, is allowed to be present during an interview. It would be very useful to ask the interviewer for permission in advance. Keep in mind that patients are not obliged to accept the presence of a visitor during the interview.

Make sure to discuss the limitations of a visitor-observer status with the local coordinator in advance to have realistic expectations during the exchange program.