Supervisor: Beyazit Yemez


The clinic is composed of an inpatient and an outpatient unit. The inpatient unit with 28 beds has a patient turnover rate of 180-200 per year. The inpatient unit also provides daily care for an additional five patients whenever needed. It serves as a half-open psychiatry clinic where patients are allowed to leave the clinic during the day hours under the supervision of nurses, interns, and their relatives. However, in case of need, the outdoors/indoors can be temporarily locked. In the inpatient unit, the staff members and the patients organise their own entertainment meetings one day each week. There is also a lounge where the patients watch TV, play games, drink their beverages and attend good morning meetings aimed to increase the interaction among them. There is also an activity room where the patients can paint, knit or perform other kinds of handwork activities under the supervision of an expert.

The mean duration of hospitalisation in the inpatient unit of the department of psychiatry is around 3-5 weeks. This reflects a diagnosis and acute treatment-oriented approach of the caregivers. In the inpatient unit there is an electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) application room. The number of patients receiving ECT treatment per year is around 30 and the average of ECT courses per patient is between 8-14. Bilateral application of ECT is carried out under anaesthesia. The outpatient unit offers special services for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety and a consultation-liaison program. The faculty members apply a regular training program for trainees. The department also holds regular meetings for brainstorming, reading recently published articles and seminars on several important issues.




Dokuz Eylul University, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Balçova, Izmir


2-4 weeks

Periods available:

Optional. All year is available.


Language: Turkish may be useful to communicate with patients. Most of the trainees and the other staff can speak English, so fluent English is needed.


  • With host: yes.
  • Hospital residencies available: no.
  • Other: We can help you to find low-priced accommodation. We can try to find places (other psychiatric trainees would like to host you), if you want to do couchsurfing.

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Local coordinator: Elif Ceren Çümen