Supervisor: Şahbal Aras, MD, Prof



Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) In-patient Unit of Dokuz Eylul University Hospital of School of Medicine is one of the three institutions which give inpatient mental health service in the child and adolescent psychiatry discipline in Turkey. In our unit, patient admission has started since November 2005. We accept patients between 0 to 18 years old. However, most of the patients which are admitted to the unit are consisted of adolescent age group. The unit has 10 beds and plus 5 daily care patients capacity. The patients are mostly from Aegean region and the patients referred from many parts of the country can also be accepted to the unit.

Admission criteria are mainly, diagnostic clarification, treatment planning for severe psychiatric states, crises intervention, and forensic mental health assessment. On the other hand, the psychopathologies that need highly secure accommodation (such as substance abuse-dependency, severe disruptive behavioral problems, high risk of self harm) and organic medical conditions that need extra nursing care and medical assistance are not accepted to the unit.

Our CAMHS in-patient unit provides a multidisciplinary and multi-model treatment service based on psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and family psychotherapies, pharmacotherapy and educational therapies. These treatment services are presented in a therapeutic community setting based on peer group and peer relations. The treatment team is consisted of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers and nurses. The young people in the unit are treated with multi-model treatment via the scheduled programs for weekdays and weekends. The average duration of stay in the unit is determined as 8-10 weeks. This duration can change according to the need of the child and the adolescent. The team consists of two consultant child and adolescent psychiatrists, three child and adolescent psychiatry trainees, one or two psychologist, six nurses, one educational specialist and one social worker. We are very happy if you join our team.




Dokuz Eylul University, School of Medicine, Department of Child and Adolescent Psyciatry Balçova, İzmir


2-4 weeks

Periods available:

January – March is available


Language: If you know a bit Turkish, you will feel better, but it’s not obligatory. Fluent English is needed.


  • With host: Yes. Maybe we can find in this duration.
  • Hospital residencies available: no.
  • Other info like rents: You can find hotels in appropriate fee near hospital and we plan another places which university students stay with a little fee or free. If you prefer doing couchsurfing, we can try.

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Local coordinator: Zeynep Aydin