Psychiatry practice in Turkey provides familiarity among a wide range of psychiatric disorders and social determinants contributing to their development. Multidisciplinary learning is promoted at the university hospitals for a broader understanding of comorbidities. Prepare to have an experience covering psychiatry – and beyond!


Turkey could be regarded as a country on crossroads of Asia and Europe. Corresponding to the long history and central geographical location of the country, Turkey also has a rich history in psychiatric knowledge and practice.

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Ege University


Dokuz Eylül University

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Some reasons to make a brief visit in Turkey:

  • to experience working with a culturally diverse population
  • to have the opportunity to conduct research in social psychiatry
  • to work in an environment where family support is more effective than most of the European countries: as most of the patients with psychiatric disorders live with their families, the ratio of homeless psychiatric patients is low.
  • to make an input in the process of development of the new community-based psychiatry services, by sharing the experiences from her/his own country.
  • to work with a large sample and high varieties of patients, as there are high numbers of patients per a psychiatrist.
  • to experience an institutional setting where legal organisations and sanctions are less determined by insurance systems.

National Coordinator: Emre Cem Esen