General Adult psychiatry Programme, Medical University Hospital of Umeå

The exchange program provides the opportunity for an observership placement in adult psychiatry at the Medical University Hospital of Umeå in northern Sweden.




Psykiatrisk klinik
Norrlands universitetssjukhus
901 85 Umeå

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Medical university hospital of Umeå, Photo: Jan Alfredsson/Västerbottens läns landsting

Description of the exchange programme

The trainee will have the opportunity to do a two-week internship at the clinic of adult psychiatry, which can include inpatients, day clinics or the emergency service depending on interest of the applicant. We will try our best to accommodate wishes and interests, though not all may be possible. The trainee will have an observer status.


2 weeks

Available period and placement 2017

October – November 2017

  • Language: good Swedish understanding. Even tough majority of the staff speak English, Swedish is the working language with patients.
  • References and letter of agreement from the trainee’s head of department
Description of the Clinic

The psychiatry clinic has five specialized inpatient wards covering psychotic disorders, affective & anxiety disorders, addiction, forensic and psychiatry of old age. Further, there are many specialized outpatient clinics including emergency psychiatry, eating disorders, psychosis, addiction, anxiety disorders, affective disorders, sexual trauma, neuropsychiatry, old age psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, transgender etc. Research at the clinic covers a broad field including molecular genetics, deep brain stimulation, personality disorders, psychiatric epidemiology in low-income countries, forensic psychiatry, suicidology and transgender psychiatry.


Photo: Umeå kommun

City of Umeå

Umeå is an university town located in northern Sweden. The city is located on the Ume River. Umeå is the biggest city in northern Sweden and the twelfth biggest in Sweden, with around 120,000 inhabitants. It takes only ten minutes to travel from the airport to central Umeå and there are many daily connecting flights to Stockholm and the rest of Sweden. The university town is a center of education, technical and medical research in Sweden, with two universities and over 39,000 students. The city was elected as the European Capital of Culture of 2014. The main museums in Umeå are: Bildmuseet – Museum of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, Museum of the county of Västerbotten with Gammlia outdoor museum and the Swedish Ski Museum and the Elk museum located outside of Umeå. Nature is close by and both summer and winter offers plenty of outdoor activities including hiking, aurora sightseeing, fishing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, dog sledding and more.

Travel information

Umeå can be reached by plane, bus, train or ferry. More details can be found at:

  • VISA needed: check with embassy
  • Travel and health insurance: Highly recommended

Sometimes it will be possible by local physicians to host applicants, but this is not always the case depending on period of obserersvhip. So applicants should be ready to find own accommodation if needed.


Local coordinator: Dr. Matilda Naesström