Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa

Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa (CHPL) is major public Psychiatric Hospital in Lisbon’s metropolitan area, which provides specialized care in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatry. It is one of the biggest psychiatric Units in Portugal providing care for around 800.0000 citizens. The institution is also deeply involved in medical training by not only working in close relation with the two Lisbon medical universities but also providing training to Psychiatry, Neurology and GP residents.

The Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient care. The inpatient services are divided into acute and long-term wards. The acute wards are organized into six clinics. There are 3 General Adult Psychiatric wards which provide care to the population of certain regions of Lisbon’s great metropolitan area and articulates the outpatient care with the respective community outpatient units and also 4 specialized units.

Clinic 1 – Mixed CAP and Adult Psychiatry Unit with a team dedicated to First Psychosis

Clinic 2 – Old Age Psychiatry Unit

Clinic 3 – General Adult Psychiatry (Mafra area)

Clinic 4 – Alcohol and Behavioural Addictions Unit

Clinic 5 – General Adult Psychiatry (Lisbon area)

Clinic 6 – General Adult Psychiatry (Sintra area)

The long term services are made up by the Psychosocial Rehabilitation units, the Residential units and the Forensic Psychiatry Unit;

As stated before there are several outpatient community treatment units throughout the CHPL’s geographical area of influence. At our headquarters there are also specialised outpatient units: Sexology, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Behavioural addictions.




Unit / hospital:

Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa


Address, website:

Avenida do Brasil, Nº53

1749-002 Lisboa, Portugal



Available programs:

There are several opportunities for clinical observerships at CHPL for both inpatients and outpatients units.

As clinical observers, residents will be highly involved in all clinical and academic activities that happen at the institution. However:

  • Since there are several specialized units the clinical observer should chose a primary area of interest and will be attached to this team but involvement with other teams can be arranged;
  • You should keep in mind that the start date in various clinical programs will have to be negotiated between the Clinical Observer and clinical program team, based on availability. It should be noted that many clinical programs at CHPL accept Psychiatry, Neurology and GP residents, and also students from various disciplines who will take precedence over observership requests as these placements are part of formal training programs. Given that each clinical program can only accommodate a limited number of Clinical Observers, at times there may not be any observership opportunities available.
  • Clinical observers are allowed to be present while the consultant is interviewing the patient but patient consent is always required and respected. Keep in mind that patients are not obliged to accept the presence of a visitor during the interview.


  1. Acute inpatient Programme

The Clinical observer is able to choose from one of the available inpatient units for a clinical observership:

  1. Clinic 1 – Mixed CAP and Adult Psychiatry Unit with a team dedicated to First Psychosis
  2. Clinic 2 – Old Age Psychiatry Unit
  3. Clinic 3 – General Adult Psychiatry (Mafra area)
  4. Clinic 4 – Alcohol and Behavioural Addictions Unit
  5. Clinic 5 – General Adult Psychiatry (Lisbon area)
  6. Clinic 6 – General Adult Psychiatry (Sintra area)


  1. Partial Hospitalization Programme (Day Hospital)

– A medical facility, with a multidisciplinary team, which provides treatment and assessment, during the day, with patients returning home or to another institution at night. CHPL’s patients can be referred to this unit independently of the underlying psychiatric disorder and are accepted into the programme after evaluation by the team.


  1. Forensic Psychiatry Programme

– A specialised team in Forensic psychiatry. Develops its activity in two main areas: Psychiatric inpatient Unit (provides care for patients with mental health disorders that have committed illicit activities) and Forensic Psychiatric Medical examinations.


  1. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programme

 Specialised team focused on rehabilitation of patients with several psychiatric disorders. This is a multidisciplinary work group that provides several levels of care/stimulation according to the patients’ needs and deficits. There are various types of residential systems and programs according to the patients’ levels of autonomy. The main goal of this unit is not only to prevent patients’ relapses but also to establish and recover life goals.



2 – 4 weeks (longer duration can be arranged depending on programme)


Periods available:

All year



  • Language: Basic understanding of the Portuguese language is advisable since all medical activities and lectures are given in Portuguese. Most staff members have basic English understanding.
  • Proof of Medical Residency and permission from the trainee’s institution for leave of absence is required.
  • Accommodation, transport and visa, is the visitors’ responsibility.


Travel information

  • VISA needed: check with embassy
  • Travel and health insurance needed: Yes



  • With host: No
  • Hospital residencies available: No
  • Hostels and Youth hostels: Yes
  • Affordable hotels: Yes


Useful websites







National trainee organisation website


Local coordinator:

Camila Pereira – camilapereira@chpl.min-saude.pt