Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki – 3rd Department of Acute Therapy

Hospital address: Lagada 196 , Stavroupoli, 54629 , Thessaloniki ,Greece

Hospital website:

The Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki is the only Psychiatric Hospital in Northern Greece. It was founded in 1917 and since 1956 served 800 patients. Through the years there have been a lot of changes aiming at the deinstitutionalization of the patients and their psycho-social recovery.

The 3rd Department of Acute Therapy has 25 hospitalisation beds and treats adult patients with mostly severe psychotic and affective disorders . It is one of the five short term therapy units for adult patients in the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki.The trainee will have the chance to observe inpatient and outpatient units, the emergencies and short term treatment and be involved in all educational and clinical activities. The team consists of 3 adut psychiatrists, residents , psychologist and social worker. The trainee can observe other units of the hospital according to any special interests after arrangement.

Length of the programme:

2 – 6 weeks

Periods available:

February to July and August to January

Language requirements:

English: Advanced

Language: The candidate must speak English sufficiently. All communication in the Dept is made in Greek, but most staff speak good English and will be happy to translate for the candidate.

Other requirements:

VISA needed:

Not needed for most European countries, please check individually.

Travel and health insurance needed:

Highly recommended


No help with accommodation is provided, see useful websites below.

Useful websites:

Local coordinator:

Agoroula Georgiadi