Child psychiatric programme in the University of Tours

Centre Universitaire de Pédopsychatrie, Bretonneau and Clocheville Hospital
The University Center for Child Psychiatry of the University Hospital of Tours deploys its missions of offering care, training and research in the field of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and general child psychiatry. The synergy of expertise and the transversality of the teams make it possible to offer individualized care pathways that are as close as possible to advances in research. The offer of care is available in terms of diagnosis, explorations and interventions and covers, according to the sectors of activity, the territories of the intersector II of child psychiatry, the department, the region and the national territory. Activities centered on autism spectrum disorders and complex developmental disorders are located on the Bretonneau site in the same building comprising the Autism Resource Center, the Early Autism Diagnosis team, the Functional Exploration Unit, the care unit and the Outpatient Consultations. The health territories covered by these activities are the department for diagnosis and care from 18 months to 18 years, the regional territory for complex diagnoses from children to adults within the framework of the actions of the Autism Resource Center and finally the national territory with a level 4 expert consultation. These various activities are closely linked to the research required by the “Autism” team of Inserm Unit 1253 deployed within the department, as well as the transfer of explorations initially developed in the from research to clinical practice like the development of a user friendly deep pressure chair, or virtual reality in Autism. These units thus constitute a unique hospital platform in France. The activities centered on general child psychiatry are more particularly located on the Clocheville site with the Medical Psychological Center covering one of the 3 intersectors of the department, the activity of liaison child psychiatry for children hospitalized in pediatrics, and the activity of child psychiatric emergencies day and night via the child psychiatry on-call service provided by all the child psychiatrists of the University Center for Child Psychiatry. These liaison and emergency activities deployed the departmental territory and possibly the regional territory. The center is coordinating the excellence center in Autism and neurodevelopment disorders Exact, funded by ministry of health and west inter-region region, to facilitate integration of research-teaching and clinical activities in these fields.
About Tours
Tours is one of the largest cities in the region of Centre-Val de Loire, France. The commune of Tours had 136,463 inhabitants as of 2018. Tours sits on the lower reaches of the Loire, between Orléans and the Atlantic coast.The White and Blue city keeps a historical center registered in the UNESCO, and is home to the Vieux-Tours, a patrimonial site. The garden city has a green heritage and an urban landscape strongly influenced by its natural space. The historic city that is nicknamed “Le Petit Paris” and its region by its history and culture has always been a land of birth or host to many personalities, international sporting events, and is a university city with more than 30,000 students in 2019. Tours is a popular culinary city with specialties such as: rillettes, rillons, Touraine vineyards, AOC Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine cheeses and nougats. The city is also the end-point of the annual Paris–Tours cycle race. Tours region, called the Loire valley in the World Heritage Sites of Unesco for: “an exceptional cultural landscape, of great beauty, comprised of historic cities and villages, great architectural monuments – the châteaux – and lands that have been cultivated and shaped by centuries of interaction between local populations and their physical environment, in particular the Loire itself.
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Hospital adress
Hôpital Clocheville 34 rue Jules Charpentier 37000 TOURS
Lenght of the programme:
2-6 weeks
Language requirements:
English B1
French: B1
It is possible to ask be hosted in university residence.
A good knowledge in French would be useful for clinical activity especially in Clocheville for general CAP. A journal club based on international literature is organized weekly. We have lectures in the lab and a local trainee association represented in EFPT. Travel and health insurance is highly recommended.
Local coordinator: Thomas Gargot