MOOC: Essentials of child and adolescent psychiatry across the world


02/05/2016 - 01/07/2016    
All Day

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About This Course

This MOOC, proposed by the IACAPAP (International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions), is intended for people who want to learn the most basic notions in child and adolescent psychiatry. The main disorders (depression, autism, attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, etc.) are tackled, like more general topics (development, the psychiatric interview, treatments, etc.). Professors come from all the continents and try to give a comprehensive picture of child and adolescent psychiatry.


The course is structured in 5 weeks
Each week will provide 4-5 themes treated by eminent world experts


No specific skills or knowledge is required to follow this course. It is open to all those who have, for professional or other reasons, an interest in the mental health problems that can be encountered by children and adolescents.

You can find the MOOC here.

You can download also the IACAPAP Texbook.