3rd HBP Curriculum workshop series – Neurobiology for Non-Specialists: Studying the Brain


01/07/2019 - 03/07/2019    
12:00 am


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The course aims to provide an understanding of how data is generated in neuroscience and what are the challenges in the interpretation of data. In order to reach this aim, active researchers will provide insight into modern methods and aspects (including ethics) of research. This will range from histological methods over electrophysiology and EEG to behavioural experiments and protocols yielding large amounts of data, like phosphoproteomics. Moreover, lab visits will be offered to those who are not familiar with the settings of a wet lab. Attendants should understand how their training can be useful for neurobiological research and develop a common language with life science researchers.

Workshop Structure



Hands-on examples

Poster session

Lab visit

Application information & Abstract submission

Application is open to the entire student community and early career researchers, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Human Brain Project or not. All early-career scientists are encouraged to participate and it is aimed to achieve equal representation of all sexes.

A maximum of 30 participants per workshop will be selected by the Scientific Chair and the HBP Education Programme in a competitive selection process based on academic merit. Participants are required to submit a CV and a motivation letter with their application.

Participation fee: 250 €

The fee does not include travel and accommodation. Fees will be collected after participants have been selected.

Registration fee waivers are available for a maximum of five participants. Participants can apply for fee waivers prior to the application deadline by sending an email to curriculum.edu@humanbrainproject.eu.

Please check with your supervisor how your institution can support you with regard to expenses for the attendance of the workshops. Further information about organizations offering travel support can also be found on our website.

Scientific Chair

Christoph Schwarzer | MUI

Organised by

Sylvia Aßlaber | MUI

Lisa-Marie Leichter | MUI

Upcoming Deadlines

Application deadline: 27 May 2019



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Phone: +43 512 9003 71244

E-mail: sylvia.asslaber@i-med.ac.at

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