Estonian Psychiatric Associations Section of Young Psychiatrists


Inga Lehtsalu


Inga Lehtsalu

Our trainees’ association is a section of the national psychiatrists’ associacion. Our members are members of the mother organisation, who are interested in improving psychiatrists’ residency and early careers. Our association also operates with our personal NGO to make some paperwork easier, however we are still operating in the framework of our mother organisations regulations. Some of our members are also represented in the board of the mother organisation.

We are a voluntary organisation. We represent young psychiatrists’ and residents’ interests in the national associacion, we take part in defeloping regulations regarding residency. We collaborate with national and international organisations and represent Estonia in the EFPT. We are a platform to our members to fulfill their ideas in the realm of mental health improvement in Estonia – we support our members in their proffessional developement, encourage them in publishing scientific work, organise lectures and projects aimed to improve awareness of mental health to medical proffessionals and a larger audience. It is a long tradition that our associacion holds an annual summer seminar for psychiatrists and an interdisciplinary winter seminar biannually in turn with young neurologists.