EFPT Porto Research Award

Dear colleagues and friends

I am delighted to announce you the EFPT Porto Research Award.

This donation arises from a legacy of work in 2015, and therefore this prize stands as EFPT Porto Research Award, targeting to be an annual prize for the next 10 years.

The Local Organizing Committee has arranged for the Forum in Porto in 2015 an array of scientific and social activities, so that all the participants could interact and network under an enjoyable atmosphere, including the festivity of São João, the Pre-Forum Course on Leadership and Professional skills, the Scientific Programme, that has been open to all junior doctors, medical students and mental health professionals from Portugal and beyond, contributing for a multidisciplinary discussion on “Global mental health” and presenting their own work. We have also prepared the Special Issue about the Scientific Programme at the International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health, that gathered presentations by invited speakers and the selected abstracts from participants in the USB pen drives provided and a free mobile app that tracked each of the memorable moments of this Forum. It was an honour for us that so many world-renowned professionals from different fields travelled from different regions of the world to Porto to contribute to our EFPT Forum, which we are very proud of.

Participants at the Porto Forum 2015
Participants at the Porto Forum 2015

Now, the Local Organizing Committee of the EFPT Porto Forum 2015 (supported by the Portuguese National Trainees Associations: APIP and ANIPIA) would like to give a donation of 10.000€ to encourage psychiatric trainees to conduct research in the upcoming years.

I am pleased to invite all psychiatry trainees throughout Europe that are doing research, to check the information about who can apply and how to apply to the EFPT Porto Research Award. The winner of the EFPT Porto Research Award 2016 will receive 1.000€.

Applications will be evaluated by an independent Jury Panel, based on the quality of the research work done, the potential impact of the project and trainees’ involvement with it and the intrinsic merit of the applicant. The award will be given to the application that is considered to be the highest standard.

EFPT Porto Forum 2015 was truly a global meeting with presenters and attendees worldwide, in the lively city of Porto, and an exceptional educational and social experience. By then, we expressed our thankfulness to all of those who helped and supported us, as gratitude is one of the most important feelings that we must emphasize nowadays.

Now, we would like to support the trainees out there across Europe doing research by financially distinguishing their work with this EFPT Porto Research Award.

Click here to read more about how to apply.

Mariana Pinto da Costa
President of the LOC of the EFPT Forum Porto 2015