EFPT Forum Registration

Dear distinguished colleagues, friends, trainees and others,

Words sell. Therefore this announcement is written using the 20 most powerful words in advertising.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee we want to point out that the Registration for 27th EFPT FORUM PRAGUE 2019 is open!

YOU are the BEST part of this event and we want to warmly invite you to Prague.

This international event has been PROVEN by its tradition of 26 years. Ask trainees from all around Europe for references. I bet you know at least one person who will share his personal experience. If not, do not hesitate to DISCOVER more on your own on July 10th-14th. The registration has been opened just NOW.

We also want to welcome people who have already experienced the Forum in the past. We bet you will find NEW moments, friends and OPPORTUNITIES to boost you psychiatric career. We GUARANTEE to keep focusing on training and trainees, don’t hesitate and check the programme online. The most popular parts such as working groups, poster session, country reports and international night will of course be included again. Let´s COMPARE the inspiring diversity of our countries. We will not forget about your HEALTH. Health events will also be in preparation.

We understand that most of you need to SAVE money or even want to come for FREE. The lucky ones are able to apply for a bursary. Please view the attached documents for application requirements and process. In any case, we tried to keep the prices very affordable.

We, the Local Organizing Committee, have selected a strategic location in Prague for the event, the chosen venue is SAFE and EASY to reach.

Clinical visits will be UNIQUE. Depends on your choice if you consider yourself more as a practical clinician or a researcher. Each year the number of trainees and member countries attending the Forum is INCREASING. We hope this year will not be different.

TRY to look on this webpage for a few moments. We are very happy with the current RESULTS.


With lots of LOVE from Prague,



P.S. I bet you checked the number of words, yes, you are right, you see only 19 most powerful words for advertising. I forgot to tell you that the phrase EFPT became more popular than the word SEX, as is obvious from the latest research conducted by our LOC.