EFPT Forum not only for Europeans….

The deadline for actively participating during the EFPT forum has passed, but below you can still read how to get involved with EFPT if you’re in a Non-European country.

Are you from a Non-European country and interested in getting a glimpse what the EFPT is all about? Have you ever felt bored in your training because you have a hard time finding colleagues who are as dedicated and motivated for psychiatry as you are? You want to start a National Trainee Association in your own country but just do not know how to do that? Do you dream of Psychiatry even when you are awake? Keep on reading because here comes the answer to nearly all your psychiatric needs:

Until 7th May 2021, 12pm GMT (London time) you have the chance to apply for the MENTA (Maintaining and establishing National Trainee Associations) Overseas Programme 2021 which is going to allow you to participate from your couch at home at the one and only virtual EFPT Forum 2021 in Brussels. What we advertise here and try to sell you is not only for free (*ok you must do a little bit yourself to earn this, but we will talk about that later) but even priceless and the experience of a lifetime. We give you the opportunity to connect with fellow psychiatric trainees from all over the world to build connections with colleagues from all over the world. Last year 27 awardees from all over the world were able to attend the 28th EFPT virtual forum in Bucharest, Romania through this Programme.

*Here comes the hint: The selected applicants will be expected to participate actively in the forum, providing a short presentation on their country and their training, and a digital poster on a selected topic. They must be able to ensure attendance to all parts of the forum. We think this is a fair deal and small price for everything you get in return, right?

If you are a psychiatric trainee from Europe there is no reason to feel left out or alone in the rain now because MENTA is of course there for you, too. It does not matter if you have trouble keeping your NTA alive or just want a nice chat with us about how things are going…overland and overseas is all the same for us. So, what are you waiting for?

Reach out to us at https://efpt.eu/wg/menta-wg/ where you can also find the official invitation for the Overseas Programme with all info or write to us directly menta@efpt.eu for all your MENTA needs.

Did you know that we also have a mentoring programme which you can check out here to even get personal coaching regarding your requests.

We are looking forward to meet you at the EFPT Forum 2021.

Written by: Michael Wallies in the name of the MENTA working group