EFPT Forum – information newsletter

What? The event of the year, the highlight of your summer, the place to meet new friends… the EFPT forum of course!

When? 7-10 July 2021, pre-forum events 21 June and 30 June 2021

Where? Online, hosted from Brussels, Belgium

Who? Trainees and specialists within 5 years of starting their training.
Registrations are limited and attendance to the forum should always be confirmed by your National Trainee Association (efpt.eu/nta/). If this is not the case then unfortunately your registration cannot be accepted.

If your country isn’t a member of EFPT or is not in Europe, please contact menta@efpt.eu .

Questions? Efptbrussels2021@gmail.com

If you are an EFPT representative of your country, please send an official list of participants (delegates and observers) to efptbrussels2021@gmail.combefore May 31st.
For each country there will be guaranteed registration for 2 delegates and 3 observers; more participants from one country might be allowed dependant on the total number of participants, but this can’t be guaranteed.

Please be aware that all participants on the list will still need to register on the website before 31 May.