EFPT Excellence Award 2017

The project (Residency Guide) is designed to reach out all the new residents, in all the training hospitals of Turkey and we considered this project, as an opportunity for our youngest members to receive comprehensive vocational information at first hand.

This guide is the end-product of our resident committee’s labour for several previous years. Each chapter was written by a senior resident or young specialist who was a member of the resident committee in the past years. Each part was designed by committee members to cover basic things that residents should have gain during their residency. For example; “How should we achieve psychotherapy training?”, “How we could search for a scientific paper?”.

Finally, this book was published by The Psychiatric Association of Turkey and distributed by the Residents’ Committee to all residents who attended our last national congress.

The Residents’ Committee of the Psychiatry Association of Turkey (PAT) was honored to receive the “EFPT Award for Excellence” recognising the collaborative effort of psychiatric trainees in Turkey. While we are preparing for the 2nd Edition of Residency Guide, this award has rekindled our enthusiasm.

Thanks to the Board of PAT for its definite support and to the delegates of the Residents’ Committee of PAT for their valuable effort as winners of the EFPT Award for Excellence 2017. After thanking the EFPT Board for 2016-2017 we wanted to quote the principles of the PAT which encourage us in all our work: “Science, Ethic and Solidarity”.