Congratulations to UYP – “Ukrainian Young Phsychiatrists” – Ukrainian NTA

Project creators – Sofiia Lahutina and Spartak Subbota, psychiatric trainees from Ukraine, members of national trainee organization “Ukraininan Young Psychiatrists”, leading specialists of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling of Ukraine.

“Tell me” (https://tellme.com.ua ) is a free online platform for psychological counseling in Ukraine. The platform was created for any person in need of emotional support, counseling and assistance due to the rapid changes that are currently taking place in the economy, society and life of everyone because of COVID 19 pandemic.

Use of the platform is free. Specialists work on the platform on a volunteer basis. The team of the platform uses evidence based methods of psychiatric counselling and psychotherapeutic help.

During the entire existence of the platform it has received 9489 applications from users, 6509 applications were processed and executed. Currently 220 specialists work on the platform.

Young trainers have the opportunity not only to take part in the project as consultants, but also to conduct psycho-educational work with other project participants. Conduct lectures, webinars, support groups. If the psychiatric trainee becomes a project participant, he / she will receive supervision from senior colleagues and ongoing community support. Certainly, additional training in one of the psychotherapy methods is appreciated.

Psychiatric trainees have the opportunity not only to use the practical skills of psycho-counseling, psycho-correction and psychotherapy, but also to use the platform for their scientific research.